Dimir Assassin

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Dimir Assassin
Color: Blue/black
Range: Mid-Ranged
Passives: + 500 Sorcery Damage Potency

+ 250 Control Rating

Primary: Shadowblade Throw
Secondary: Forty Blinks
Utility: Blink Strike
Spark power: Dark Reverberations
Trait: Disinformation
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The Dimir Assassin is a class in Magic: Legends associated with blue and black Mana.

“The Dimir Assassin epitomizes House Dimir, capable of setting up their enemies for devastating combo attacks.”
Matt Campbell[1]

Description[edit | edit source]


? (in-game description)

Source[edit | edit source]

The Dimir Assassin class is the Grand Tier prize from Dimir Assassin Booster Packs. The unlock item contains the Dimir Assassin Class, the Dimir Assassin Costume Set and the Mythic Nightveil Stalker spell unlock item.

Passives[edit | edit source]

+500 Sorcery Damage Potency
+250 Control Rating

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Primary: Shadowblade Throw: Throw massive blades that return to the user, dealing damage to all foes hit.
  • Secondary: Forty Blinks: Teleport to a location, dealing damage on impact, then hit enemies in the area with teleporting strikes. While activating, you can't be targeted or take damage. Gain Greater Swiftness after activation.
  • Utility power: Blink Strike: Throw a blade forward and teleport to it, dealing damage and Disorienting foes that you pass thorugh. Gain Greater Swiftness after activation.
  • Spark power: Dark Reverberations: You have Greater Swiftness while this power is active and passively create copies of yourself that activate Shadowblade Throw. You may not cast spells while this power is active, but your class abilities gain new abilities during its effect. Note: Copies for Forty Blinks and Blink Strike appear on the cardinal and secondary direction points from your character, and only appear to damage enemies in a line back to your character.
    • Shadowblade Throw: Create copies of yourself during each primary attack, dealing additional damage and increased area of effect.
    • Forty Blinks: Create 8 copies of yourself that deal damage to foes within the signet area of Forty Blinks
    • Blink Strike: Create 8 copies of yourself that all Blink Strike away from you as you finish your Blink Strike.

Level Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Upgrade
3 Mana Surge
4 Vorpal Saw: Your final primary attack creates a swirling energy blade that deals damage to foes continually that it contacts (AOE is not considered control or hazard.)
6 Dark Reverberations Spark Power
10 Fatal Obscurant: Forty Blinks deals additional damage to enemies affected by a control effect.
15 Dispatching Alacrity: Kills with primary attacks and class abilities reduce the cooldown of Blink Dash by 0.5 seconds each.
20 Knowledge Gained: Whenever you sacrifice a creature, draw a card.
25 Upper Hand: Whenever you cast a Sorcery with a Control effect, gain Lesser Might for 5 seconds.
30 Trait: Disinformation: Whenever you draw a spell, you and creatures you control gain Lesser Resistance for 5 seconds. Whenever you discard a spell, creatures within 15 ft gain Greater Vulnerability for 5 seconds.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Coming soon.

References[edit | edit source]

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