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Welcome to the MLaRPG Wiki Community Portal!

This page will give you an overview of what is going on on the wiki and a basic introduction on how contributing works.

It doesn't matter if you are a programmer, a graphic designer, a hobbyist editor, a gaming nerd or just simply a fan of Magic Legends:
please feel invited to add to our growing number of articles!
Every tiny bit of information you have for us is very welcome! As one of the principles of our wiki literally anyone can contribute:
You don't have to be a technical genius, editing on wikis is easy to do.
Just be bold, hit the edit button and start typing! Happy editing!

Wiki Rules and Policies[edit source]

Apart from that, we only have a small set of rules and policies.
Before you start editing, please make sure you read and understood these! There are not a lot, but they will enable the community to work, grow and get along together just fine.

Finding Help[edit source]

If you are completely new to wikis, the help pages on will teach you the basics, and even advanced users may find useful info there.

Are you stuck or need advice? Just ask the community! Don't be afraid to hop on our discord server. It's also a good place to discuss topics about Magic Legends and our other projects on

And last but not least, you can always ask an admin. They (usually) don't bite and will gladly help you out or show the way.

Contributing[edit source]

Of course, you can focus on all the topics you like best, but usually these are items which will help us grow the most:

  • Stubs are short articles that need to be expanded.
  • Wanted Pages are article pages which don't exist -- yet.
  • Orphaned Pages are not linked to by other pages. Pretty useless when you write an excellent article and no one can find it, right?
  • Dead-end Pages don't link to other pages. Visitors literally can go nowhere else from this page -- apart from back where they came from.
  • Proof-reading and rewriting: Found a typo, grammar error or a sentence that sounds clunky? Feel free to edit to improve the page!

Currently Running Projects[edit source]

  1. The Basics: currently there is not a lot of content on the wiki. With more and more info being revealed we will expand and build up a general structure. By creating new pages, proof-reading existing ones and, of course, sharing your ideas you can help improving the wiki!

Suggestions[edit source]

We are always thankful for your ideas to make the wiki better. Let us know how we can improve and what you think.

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