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Plane: Dominaria
Inhabitants: Aspiring Wizards, Homarid Beasts, and Artifact Creatures
Planar Mana: Blue


Story[edit | edit source]

Missions[edit | edit source]

Act 1[edit | edit source]

  • The Forbidden Vault
  • Dreadnaught Defense

Act 2[edit | edit source]

  • Social Artifice
  • Meltdown

Act 3[edit | edit source]

  • Like Minds

Enemies and Encounters[edit | edit source]

Daily missions[edit | edit source]

  • 0/1 Complete Tolaria Story Mission While Defeating Enemies Affected by Control Effects -
  • 0/2 Defeat "Galvanized Dreadnaughts" - Galvonized Dreadnaughts are found in Tolaria Story Mission "Social Artiface", Minor Skirmish: Far From Home, or while defending a mana tower.
  • 0/10 Cast Blue Sorceries in Tolaria - Cast 10 blue sorcery spells in the Tolaria Overworld, Story Mission, or Ordeal. This appears to be bugged and only five casts are necessary.
  • 0/25 Defeat "Replicant Spiders" - Replicant Spiders can be found in Tolaria Story Mission "Social Artiface" and Tolaria Story Mission "Like Minds".
  • 0/2 Complete Shattered Reliquaries in the Tolaria Overworld - Travel through a Reliquary Rift in the Benalia Overworld and complete the dungeon. Must take control of a local mana tower in order to detect and travel through these rifts.
  • 0/1 Defeat "Uthras" - Uthras is found in Tolaria Story Mission "Social Artiface".
  • 0/1 Defeat "Khalila" - Khalila is found in Tolaria Story Mission "Like Minds"
  • 0/1 Complete Dreadnaught Defense -
  • 0/100 Defeat Enemies from Tolaria - Defeat 100 enemies in the Tolaria Overworld.
  • 0/1 Complete "Social Artiface" -
  • Activate the Dreadnaught within the Forbidden Vaults - Complete the Tolaria Story Mission "The Forbidden Vaults"
  • 0/1 Complete Special Skirmishes in the Tolaria Overworld -
  • 0/2 Defeat "Homarid Juggernauts" - Homarid Juggernauts can be found in Major Skirmish: Invasive Experiment
  • 0/1 Defeat "Microzoa" - Microzoas can be found in Tolaria Story Mission "Forbidden Vaults".
  • 0/2 Defeat Elite rank enemies with Blue Sorcieries in Tolaria - Defeat two Elite rank enemies with blue sorcery spells. Elite enemies can best be found as Minor Skirmish bosses. They will have an "Elite" tag under their name.
  • 0/25 Defeat "Experimental Spiderlings" - Experimental Spiderlings can be found in any Shattered Reliquary dungeon. Must take control of a local mana tower in order to detect and travel through Shattered Reliquary rifts.
  • 0/1 Complete any Story Mission in Tolaria - Complete Tolaria Story Mission "The Forbidden Vault", "Social Artiface", or "Like Minds".
  • 0/3 Complete Skirmishes in the Tolaria Overworld - Complete three skirmishes in the Tolaria Overworld.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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